Student Information Management

Maintain all information in a single place
student information technology


Academic Year Wise Student Enrolment

Enrolled students are given unique user IDs as the academic year commences based on their enrollment.
Academic Calendar Management

Academic Calendar Management

Create academic plans for all grades of a single or all branches.

Classroom Schedule Management

Allocate students to classes, teachers to respective grades, subjects to a specific class, determine the strength of a class and assign classrooms.
class room schedule
academic schedule mgmt

Academics Schedule Management

Create timetables for academics, students, teachers, exam timetables and schedule classes for each grade level.

Class Category Management

Manage class categories such as Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle School, Senior/Secondary, Senior Secondary, etc.

House Group Management

Group students in defined house groups and send SMS, Email, Announcements, and more.

Student Segment Management

Efficiently cater to all students by categorising segments such as RTE, special needs, and internal transfers into the respective groups.
Student Segment Management

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