Why MyClassboard

Efficient school management requires a dynamic and reliable platform that is capable of dealing with the school’s multiple challenges with increased efficiency―all-in-one School ERP.

MyClassboard Is the Best School
Management Software

Cutting edge features

40+ feature-rich modules for smooth operation

Cloud-Based Network

Access from wherever, whenever!

Multi-School Management

Multi-School Management

Manage schools of all sizes, locations and boards

Cutting edge features-1

Seamless Implementation & User-Friendly

Easy to implement, use and notice the difference

Great Data Security

Multiple levels of security in a multi-user environment

Restricted Role-Based Access

Role-Based Access

Define access for highly granular controls to ensure accountability

Franchise Management

A centralised platform to boost compliance & performance for your chain of schools

Ensured Data Security-1


Competitive pricing with multiple customised packages

Restricted Role-Based Access-1

Live Dashboards

Data-driven decision making with live-dashboards



Design and integrate forms to websites and apps

Activity Logs

Activity Logs

Track staff activity for increased productivity

Generate IllustrativeReports

Illustrative Reports

Strengthen analysis with comprehensive reports for better analysis


Involve parents in student’s progress with timely communication via the parent app


Reliable Support

Best customer relationship and support

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